In Review: Everyone At Blaffer

    Everyone At Blaffer brought together five QTBIPOC-spectrum identifying performance artists in a showcase of experimental work at the Blaffer Art Museum on October 19, 2019. In Review returned to the Blaffer from March 3—14, 2020 and displayed images captured that night in October.

Curators: j.bilhan, Mich Stevenson

Performance Artist: Antonius Bui, Emil’y Æyer, Fermina A Topiltsin, Black™, and S Rodruigez.

Photographers: j. bilhan, Samantha Nava, Bria Lauren, and Franky Dilan.

Installation Photos: j. bilhan


There is Enough For Everyone
Exhibitions, Curation

    There Is Enough For Everyone was a grassroots, warehouse exhibition curated and organized by Mich Stevenson and me, which brought together 29 artists. Our venue was adjoined with Knockout Factory, a historic, now displaced, community boxing gym. The theme of the show was to highlight the reality of scarcity and abundance in black or brown communities. All of the artists presented are black or brown identifying. The exhibition aimed to challenge institutional, elitist normalcy while providing a platform for artists of diverse backgrounds to present themselves. On the opening night, five artists performed on the boxing ring. The remainder of the warehouse space acted as a gallery from June 14th - July 8th, 2019 within Houston's East End.

Installation Photos: j. bilhan

Featured artist: Alexis Grey, Black™ (Slant Rhyme; Raven Crane), Berlin Nicholas, Cary Fagan, Changing Womon, Christian Kareem, Dominique Elam, Erin Carty, Fermina Topiltsin, Gem Hale, Gita, Leticia Contreras, James Tillman, Jared Royal, Jesus, John Duro, j. bilhan, Matt Manalo, Mich Stevenson, Nii Narku Thompson, Rafa Esparza, Ryan Francisco, Stephen Wilson, Sophia Anderson, Sidney Mori, Sister (Hannah Anderson), Stephanie Gonzalez, Tihay Mohammad, and Zeus De leon.

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Houston, Texas