Res Finitum

An endless body of sculptures. Object temporality and objectively finite being. In considering the temporary state of everything, I also wonder about the value of anything. Who dictates the material equity of objects? Furthermore, can any human have a genuinely objective view of the experience? I believe so.

In taking that stance, the human psyche can overcome the attachment to finite human existence. Successfully reaching that state of impartiality, the human mind can live through an infinite number of smaller, temporary realities—much like these sculptures. The human could also overcome the needs for superficial consumption and material pleasure, needs that are learned in our consumerist, globalist contemporary society. A society that has been indoctrinated by governments and corporations. What then becomes of the so-called luxury objects and their status within that impartial perspective? To wear a shirt with mended holes is still to wear a shirt.

The title, Res Finitum, is a play on words. I began with the title Temporary Sculpture, but soon felt limited by that language. I then looked to Latin and discovered that Res Finitum can mean "The End" while also saying "finite objects." Two, but one understanding. A double entendre. In the images below, I either found the objects as-is or organized them, then abandoned or destroyed the resulting sculpture. In doing so, the image is now the sole representative of the phenomenon.

To the viewer, I ask:
If all of life is merely a temporary sculpture, what do you then choose to see?
What does that choice say about your morality?

Ongoing since 2014
Medium: Photography, Sculpture
Statement: March, 2020

© 2020
Houston, Texas