Gods Grace O‘er Da South
Photography, Research

    By using research, writing, photography, family image archives, and craft, I present my work as God's Grace O'er Da South. To build new bridges of human understanding beyond colorism, to rebuild cultural capital, and to discuss the concept of reparations; that is the purpose of this project. The idea struck me while visiting Motha's congregations Mount Zion 1st Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas. My great-grandmother, Gurtha Lee Lockett—or Motha’ among family,  was born in 1913 and is now 106 years in age.

San Antonio, Texas


    “9” (March 14—April 19), curated by Terry Suprean of CivicTv, is hosted this year by FotoFest Biennale at Sabine Street Studios in Houston. The exhibition brings together nine Houston-based artists exemplifying the array of styles within the cities art community. I decided to display a selection of prints from Variable Embrace

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Installation Photos: j. bilhan

Featured artist:  Latifa Albokhari, Sebastien Boncy, j. bilhan, Erin Carty, Colby Deal, Cary Fagan, Ronald L Jones, Lovie Olivia, and Jamie Robertson

In Review: Everyone At Blaffer

    Everyone At Blaffer brought together five QTBIPOC-spectrum identifying performance artists in a showcase of experimental work at the Blaffer Art Museum on October 19, 2019. In Review returned to the Blaffer from March 3—14, 2020 and displayed images captured that night in October.

Curators: j.bilhan, Mich Stevenson

Performance Artist: Antonius Bui, Emil’y Æyer, Fermina A Topiltsin, Black™, and S Rodruigez.

Photographers: j. bilhan, Samantha Nava, Bria Lauren, and Franky Dilan.

Installation Photos: j. bilhan


Brief: Variable Embrace

    “There was seldom a period where my sexual nature felt acceptable and shameless. As a teen, my first sexual indicators would signal at the sight of hairy, middle-aged, heavyset men evolving to then include seniors—grandpas, or silver daddies as they're often called. My adolescence was delivered with mind-numbing shame and confusion. As an obedient child in a religious family, there would be no safe space to foster these desires...” — Journal Exerpt, 2018

Variable Embrace looks into the hidden lives of men who are attracted to men from the perspective of young adults—the admirer—drawn to older men—the admired. These relationships are often referred to as Gerontophilia, Intergenerational, or Age Disparate.

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