A conversation on defining ‘nomadic’ art spaces. Hosted by Terry Suprean, Jessi Bowman, j. bilhan, and Common Field

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Loren A. Olson M.D. writes in Psychology Today and uses photographs from Variable Embrace

Captured 52 selects an image from j. bilhan for their Spring collection

j. bilhan and Mich Stevenson host a series of exhibitions in Houston. Byline Houston writes about the event, Blaffer Art Museum invites the artists as guest curators

Manual was created by Jake Eshelman of Side Porject Skateboards and features photographs from j. bilhan, Lauren Marek, Sera Lindsey, Paige French, Melissa Laree Cunningham, Adam Taylor, Adrian O. Walker, Henry O. Head, Christian Gideon, Weston James Palmer, Yana Yatsuk, & Kirk Chambers

j. bilhan, with his collaborators at cyberlarge, photograph Mark Bradford for the May 2017 issue of Art Review Magazine

Staples Magazine publishes their first issue with Paris Youth as the cover story
Shannon Jager at Double Dot Magazine invites j. bilhan to share photographs in Issue 08

Mikey Riva features j. bilhan on the cover of his experimental ‘loading...’ journal